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As President of Power To Grow Ministries, Jackie Kendall is a much sought after speaker for people of all ages and stages of life (teens, college, singles, married, divorced, and widowed). Jackie's teaching style is hard-hitting, humorous, and healing. Jackie is the author of the best-selling book, Lady In Waiting, as well as A Man Worth Waiting For , The Mentoring Mom, and the devotional Say Goodbye to Shame. Her latest book is Free Yourself To Love (The Liberating Power of Forgiveness).

Jackie Speaking at Liquid Church - Modern Love: Do you know how to affair-proof your marriage?


In relationships, little things make a big difference!

Whether you're single or married, come learn the surprising secrets of dating, love and marriage this February. Earlier this month, Jackie spoke at Liquid Church in New Jersey and discussed these important issues.

Jackie's New Book Is Now Available! Waiting for Your Prince: A Message for the Young Lady in Waiting

 A Message for the Young Lady in Waiting

Waiting for Your Prince: A Message for the Young Lady in Waiting... Jackie's New Book For Tweens!

Become the young woman you were made to be while you wait for God’s best.

You are beautiful, valuable, and completely unique from anyone else who has ever lived in history!

If this is really true, why would we want to act like everyone else—especially the world?

In Waiting for Your Prince , Jackie Kendall encourages you to live like the priceless treasure God created you to be.

You’ll find out how:

  • Purity does not keep you from enjoying life; it saves you from giving away your most precious possession, identity
  • Waiting for God’s best protects you from losing your self-worth by dating losers
  • Saying “Yes” to Jesus signs you up to live the extraordinary life God has prepared just for you

Wait for God’s best and show the world that you have something that so many desperately want: You are secure in the young woman God made you to be!

Order here on!

Also available on Amazon (in both Paperback and Kindle !) and Christian Books Distributors .


New Lady in Waiting 20 Year Later - Destiny Image's Interview with Jackie Kendall

Jackie Kendall sits down with "Voice of Destiny" host, Larry Sparks to talk about "Lady in Waiting" and her completely updated "New Lady in Waiting" 20 years later.


Jackie's Hope Alert! Do You Know Who Is Reading Your Grudge Book?

Who has a grudge book in their possession? Actually, we all have these books—all human beings are inclined to remember offenses. I know people who keep records of things that have been done to them in embossed, laminated albums! Their holiday scrapbooks aren’t filled with happy photos of the family, they’re filled with images of all the ways things did not go as planned or people did not act the way someone hoped they would. But we need to be reminded that keeping grudge books is in direct disobedience to what God says. First Corinthians 13:5 tells us that “love keeps no record of wrongs” (emphasis added). (Gulp!) That is easier said than done.

Jackie Kendall Hope Alert! Did You Keep “Happy” In the Holidays?

I love holidays, lots of holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day because I love to decorate and cook and wrap gifts and do all those special things that make a holiday most memorable for my loved ones. But in my pre-holiday zeal, there is one important thing I can tend to forget. I forget to prepare my heart for the potential of disappointment and offense.

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