A Christmas Gift for Your Marriage

Recently I read little book with a BIG MESSAGE. It was so encouraging that I wish I had lots of money and I could buy copies for everyone I know and love that is married. The book is very little, not complex but the message is so profound. Just one quote from the book is worth the purchase. Here is that quote:

wedding-rings-2-1414664-638x423 One choice changes the construction of a life. You’ll NEVER experience the joy and tenderness of a LIFELONG LOVE unless you FIGHT FOR IT.”

           The title of this Christmas gift for your marriage is: A Marriage Carol by Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman. Why not consider giving this little book to the one you love this Christmas? On my birthday last year, a young pastor’s wife gave me a THANK YOU birthday card, thanking me for cheering her on as she “fights for her marriage.” This little book made me think of her remark.

            Ken and I have been fighting for our marriage as of this month, for 37 years! We are in a season of such joy and love that I feel so spoiled! I believe that too many marriages never experience the joy of a lifelong love because they QUIT on their Marriages before they get to the BEST PART! Our children are now BOTH MARRIED and Ken and I pray that they will have the courage and faith to fight for their marriages rather than “faith-less-ly” run away from marital struggles.

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