A Great Stocking Stuffer for Christmas 2015: “Surrender Your Junior God Badge” (Every Woman’s Battle with Control)

This book has been 7 years in the making and it is finally here. So many of you have asked about my book on women and their struggle with control and I am thrilled to say, “She’s here!” Here is a little glimpse of the book:

Are you wearing a Junior God Badge? Before responding, “Absolutely not!” ask yourself the following question: “Are you T.I.R.E.D?”

TIRED of needing to control the lives of those you love

IRRITATED by the never ending list of things you feel responsible for

RESENTFUL for being labeled a “nag” or control freak

EXHAUSTED by the stress of an out-of-control world

DRAINED from trying to do everything yourself

In this book I share how I learned to rest and enjoy my life more, by trusting God to Surrender Your Junior God Badgemanage the world, without my “post-it-note” reminders. Surrender Your Junior God Badge exposes a woman’s need to control which is often rooted in fear, insecurity, and lack of self-esteem, which you can overcome. God doesn’t need our help to run the universe or to control our part of the world and the people in it. Any woman can exchange frustration and exhaustion for peace, joy and freedom…Surrender Your Junior God Badge today!

One of my favorite artists wrote about the book:

“I will be buying this book about control for myself and virtually EVERY woman I know. It should just be handed out at the hospital when a girl is born!”  (Susie Bettenhausen)

SURRENDER YOUR JUNIOR GOD BADGE is a “spa day” for the soul and this book is a gift that will keep on giving in the years ahead. I am already enjoying the holiday season because my “junior god-badge” is stored in my jewelry box! I confess that I have to consciously resist getting out my badge and helping God out with this untamable world!

Love from your wild woman,

Jackie Kendall

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