A Nobel Prize Winner in the Kingdom of God!

Maryanne Stonebrink Puglisi  (February 3, 1947 – January 25, 2014)

Recently I posted on Facebook my response to the memorial service of a friend’s sister.

Yesterday I went to a memorial service of another sister in Jesus who relocated to heaven last week. I wept as I listened to the profound impact of her life. I have never seen such a crowd. I watched men around me weeping as they listened to the testimony of this woman’s passionate life for the King! Oh that we all would live in such reckless abandon to Jesus that people will leave our funeral wanting to make a difference for our Incomparable King! I shout with Jesus, WELL DONE; Maryanne S. Puglisi.

A dear friend reading my post on Facebook shared it with her husband and he sent me the closing remarks on the sermon he would preach the next morning.

“Most of us have heard of The Nobel Peace Prize; named after Alfred Nobel. It’s awarded annually to the person ‘who has had the greatest impact for the promotion of peace in humanity’. What you may not know is this: When Alfred Nobel’s brother died, a French newspaper published a long obituary believing that it was Alfred who had passed away. He had an opportunity very few people will ever have; to read his obituary while still alive. What he read humiliated him. The newspaper described him as a man who had made it possible to kill more people and more quickly than anyone else who had ever lived. It read: ‘The merchant of death is dead’. Nobel mad a fortune by producing explosives. His most famous invention was dynamite. After reading that obituary, Nobel realized two things: 1. This was how he was going to be remembered, and 2. This was not how he wanted to be remembered. Months later, he established the award. Today, everyone is familiar with the Nobel Peace Prize, while few people know how he made his fortune.

Are You thinking about how your obituary is going to read? May this motivate you to rethink how you are spending your life”.  – Pastor Tim Cash

I think Maryanne was a Nobel Prize Winner in God’s Kingdom and may you and I also be recipients of such honor in God’s Kingdom someday!

Love from His Servants,

Ken & Jackie

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