A Spiritual Birthday Card

On April 15th I will be celebrating my 49th spiritual birthday. Recently while reading my new favorite devotional, I came upon a poem that was a perfect birthday card for my soul. Below is the heaven sent card for my heart.

“What did I bring to your salvation table? I had no righteousness to offer, no strength to give, no wisdom to present.
There was nothing that I could deliver that would commend me to you.
I crawled broken to your table weighed down and crippled by my sin, my guilt, my weakness, my foolishness, my pride, my shame.
I had no right to be with you, but you picked me up and placed me there.
You fed me the life-giving nutrients of grace with your nail-scarred hands.
And I haven’t left your table of mercy since.”

For this “emotional Mephibosheth” this poem just affirmed my position at the King’s table-having been lifted into my seat by the nail-scarred hands of Jesus. This poem came from “New Morning Mercies”, by Paul David Tripp-my new favorite devotional.

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