A Sweet Fragrance From 5100 Miles Away

In April I celebrated another Spiritual birthday (57 years old in Jesus) and I received the greatest gift of encouragement for this old warrior of the cross! A precious woman that I have been a mentor to since she was in 9th grade sent me a text and a story that rocked my soul. She was speaking with her younger brother who is a missionary in Slovakia and shared the following story.

Mark mentioned that one of their ministries is to have college interns living with them while they are discipled and work alongside, he and his wife in ministry. He then preceded to share he was chatting with one of the interns and she said someone had given her the book “Lady in Waiting” to read. Mark then said, “Wait! Who’s the author?” as he thought he knew the book. Of course she said, “Jackie Kendall.” Small world! She’s reading it in English, and it is a copy from the late 90’s. Please pass along to Jackie that God is still using her book years later in the lives of young women even in SLOVAKIA!” He sent a picture of the Young Woman holding one of the original copies of Lady in Waiting. Tears poured as I read this text then later in the day, I received the following letter from Ad’ka.

“My name is Ad’ka, I am a university student in Slovakia and I work part-time for Josiah Venture as an intern for summer camps ministry in Slovakia. You have probably received a message yesterday about your book making its way in the country of Slovakia (through Christina Schwartz and Amy Chase)! Currently, this is my 3rd time reading and I just wanted to say that this book has been speaking the truth into my life ever since it has been given to me by a lady in our church. I was 17 back then and I am turning 23 this year, so 6 years of the truth in where my true identity lies (and not in relationships). Even though it has been written in the 90’s I think it’s still relevant and it still remains up-to-date even in today’s society and the younger generations. Thank you again for writing this and allowing God to use you in many women’s hearts and lives. So, to conclude, your book made its way to Slovakia, to a tiny country in Europe, and yet, it has made a great impact in my life and other women in this country. Thank you, with grace and peace.”

Ad’ka’s passion for Jesus and the truth, is a beautiful fragrance that traveled 5,190 miles to bless my soul and yours!

“Then Mary took a twelve-ounce jar of expensive perfume made from essence of nard, and she anointed Jesus’ feet with it, wiping his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance.” (John 12:2)


Whether we are mailing a book to Slovakia or a box of books to the Women’s Prison Ministry in Port St. Lucie, you share in our ministry of spreading this perfumed fragrance of Jesus throughout this needy world.

Love from two spreading the Fragrance of our Incomparable Savior,

Ken & Jackie Kendall

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