A Tear-filled Hallelujah

This past year as I was finished reading my One Year Bible, I came across the word, HALLELUJAH and it was used 4 times in the same chapter (Revelation 19). I decided to research the word Hallelujah and I was so surprised it is only used in HEAVEN! It is such an IMPERATIVE “to Praise the Lord” that it is only used in heaven! WHAT?! I hear it in songs and see it typed on cards and never even consider how casual we are about the Heavenly Expression of Hallelujah.

On December 9th I used this heavenly expression to express my gratitude for something God had done through my yielded heart! Something God had done, and I had No Idea! I learned that a Discipleship series (The Timothy Initiative) that I wrote a chapter for in 2008, has now been used in discipling 2 million people in 30 countries. When I submitted my chapter (section “Women to Be Reckoned With”), I was asked to sign an agreement that I would not expect compensation. I was thrilled to be writing material to disciple the un-discipled women in Asia, India, etc.

The year before, Ken had gone to India where the initiative was birthed. As Ken shared all the details of his 3-week ministry using I and II Timothy, I found myself wondering—what about the women. A year later, I was approached about writing a chapter focused on women from the Bible to encourage the men to not overlook the gifts that women had to share in their villages and towns. That night December 9 in a church lobby, I was told about 2 million people studying the material which I helped contribute to, I burst into a tearful Hallelujah!

An interesting side note:

Augustine wrote that Hallelujah was “too heavenly a word” to be used on earth by mere humans. Sorry Augustine. It might be my age, but that night in the hallway, I could not restrain my tearful Hallelujah!

Ministry Letter:

A while ago, we received a long email from a dear friend, Sandy Ellis. She wanted us to know how profoundly our teaching had impacted her whole life. She shared details of the influence we had—in a Sunday School Class in the late 1980’s.

Sandy’s letter is a reminder to each one of us, that our labor is NEVER in vain in the LORD. Even a Sunday school class for Singles can have an influence that lasts decades.

Maybe This New Year is a Chance to Say YES to teaching or serving in some ministry at your local church!

Love the Kendall Tag Team

Ken and Jackie

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