An Abyss and Mass of Mercies

One of the greatest mentors of my life spiritually in print, (mentored by this author) relocated to heaven recently and I was thrilled to see an article about Elisabeth Elliot in World Magazine. As I was enthusiastically devouring the article the last paragraph was a quote by E. Elliot that I had never read. It touched my heart so deeply that I ran for our printer and made copies of the article to share with others. I couldn’t wait to write this month’s letter so I could share the quote with each of you.

Before I type the quote I want you to know that it so profoundly touched my heart because I have been running a low grade fever in my soul for months. Daily I have looked for clarity and insight in God’s Word. I am comforted daily during my time with Jesus but I still know my soul could use an infusion of heavenly vitamin C. As I read E. Elliot’s quote, the IV was hooked up to my soul and the infusion of hope was pouring in to my heart!

Elliot-Elisabeth-3“While it is perfectly true that some of my worst fears did, in fact, materialize, I see them now as ‘an abyss and mass of mercies,’ appointed and assigned by a loving and merciful Father who see the end from the beginning and He asks us to trust Him.”

This quote so profoundly impacted my soul that when I was quoting it to a couple that we have mentored, the wife asked, “Did you just memorize that paragraph?” I thought about it and responded, “When something touches my soul, I find it particularly easy to remember!” That is probably why I have found memorizing God’s Word not a hardship-my soul is touched and the Words are recorded like wall paper on the wall of my soul.

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