An Early Eulogy

rose on BibleAt my 50th Birthday party, Ken read the most moving tribute to me in front of a room packed with my dearest friends. At the end of the tribute, Ken invited me to dance with him to the song, “Unforgettable.” No words adequate to express the impact of that moment except to shout at the end of our dance… “Ken, you have written the perfect Eulogy for my Relocation to Heaven celebration someday!” Sixteen years later, one of the greatest Pauline scholars in the world, hand-wrote a tribute to me in front of his newest book, “Paul Behaving Badly by Dr, E. Randolph Richards. I once again shouted…this needs to be read at my “Relocation to Heaven Celebration before Ken reads his tribute to me.” Now don’t think I am morbid, I just know that I am on a limited day pass and I know that my Relocation Celebration may come sooner than one would think and I want these two tributes read for God’s glory.

Here is a copy of what Dr. Richards wrote to me-I have not been able to read it without crying.

For Jackie,
You are a true Bible teacher. When most people look at the Bible,
They see a valley of dry bones.
You bring it to life. You make the blind see
And the deaf hear.
You teach the rich that they are poor and the poor that they are rich.
From the treasury of Scripture,
You pull out life, love and forgiveness.
You are a true teacher
And I’m proud
You are my friend.
Grace and Peace,
Dr. Randy Richards

Ken and I describe Dr. Richards as a late life gift to our souls. We get to attend his Bible class each Sunday morning and we leave wanting to know the Bible even more deeply and intimately.

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