An Emotional Mephibosheth

I could probably count on my ten fingers, the times I have been so discouraged that I cried myself to sleep. Recently, I walked into my room at 7:20pm and set on the side of my bed and began to cry and then I laid my head on my pillow and passed totally out. When I woke up two hours later, I walked into the living room and Ken said, “Are you okay? I saw that you fell asleep and I wasn’t sure if I should wake you.” Then Ken said, “you need to read an email that was sent to you tonight”! Here is what was waiting for this discouraged warrior of the cross.

Jackie I met you years ago (1995 or 96) when I was a young woman in college speaking with Great Hills Retreat Ministry. I am now 42 and I have listened to countless sermons, testimonies, and speakers. You stand out in my mind though. i-cant-cry-these-tears-anymoreIt is amazing to me how I remember not only your words but your facial expression, your tone of voice, your passion, as you spoke. I can remember almost verbatim some of your words of encouragement and your words still push me to love and worship even when my circumstances cause me to “feel” like wallowing in my own disappointments. I just want you to know that your life, your pain, your faith, has made a difference in the lives of so many people that you never even meet because you were willing to be honest, confront the pain, and worship through it. You were willing to be transparent and vulnerable and therefore you are relevant and remembered. Even though these days I forget what I did yesterday, I remember YOU. I remember your message. I sought your website out tonight because my 15 year old daughter just told me she will be doing a Lady In Waiting group Bible Study soon. My heart smiles to see my daughter about to benefit from your teaching the same way I did so many years ago. Blessings to you and your family and ministry. Thanks for pouring your heart and life out for others and for HIM. If you ever wonder what your impact is, know that it is greater than you can imagine. Thank you, Jennifer

God used Jennifer’s encouraging letter to open my heart to receive a precious word from Papa God. ‘Jackie, you are an Emotional Mephibosheth (II Sam. 9) who has been crippled since childhood but I invited you to eat at the King’s table.’ As I pondered my emotional crippling, I realized that daily for the last 48 years, though an Emotional Mephibosheth, I have had the privilege of sitting at the King’s Table listening to His Words of Hope (Psalm 119:92 and Isaiah 50:4). I actually got so excited about the fact that God’s strength is on display in the lives of the weak-like an Emotional Mephibosheth!

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