Don’t Be a “Glory Robber”

   We had a guest this summer that was such a blessing that her visit was just too short. During hours of sharing heart to heart, I was sharing a new message that I was developing titled “Glory Robbers.” I shared how I felt that we were created to bring God glory but we are constantly robbing Him of the glory He is due. I shared how too many Christians have made their life so “Me-Centric” that they are daily glory robbers.

    “I was thinking more alonely-bouquet-1385870-640x480bout being a “glory-robber” and I remembered an illustration that happened to me back in May, and maybe you could use it in your material. Being a glory-robber is like being a bridesmaid who is more worried about making herself look good rather than making sure the bride and groom look good and have all they need. I was a bridesmaid back in May, I just kept thinking that as I watched all of the other bridesmaids getting ready and worrying about how THEY looked and such. I just kept thinking, “No one is even going to be looking at us, we are delusional if at any point in this wedding we think it is about US as bridesmaids.”   And then it ticked me right off when some of this girl’s (close childhood friends) who were bridesmaids, were really only conveniently around when the photographers or videographers were around but they were nowhere to be seen when it was time to take down the reception hall or unload trucks back at home.  Glory robbers often serve the bride of Christ and the Groom, when it is convenient for them or publicity is involved.  These were just some thoughts, take it or leave it, just thought I would share”. C. V.

After our wonderful guest left, she was pondering the “Glory Robber” theme and she sent the following:

“everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my Glory” (Isaiah 43:7)

Let’s not be like the delusional, me-centric bridesmaids in the story above. May we resist the temptation of being an “ovation-aholic” and strive to be a true servant of the King. Such a servant is comfortable with esteeming others more important than themselves (Phil. 2:3).

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