Even the Greatest Apostle Needed Some Mothering

Did you guess who I was referring to? Did you guess Peter? I was actually referring to Paul (“Paul, an apostle-not from men or by man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father…” Gal. 1:1). While finishing up the book of Romans, I came across a verse and this little verse held my thoughts captive throughout the day. Paul the greatest apostle and New Testament writer, in his letter to the Romans wrote:

“Greet Rufus, whom the Lord picked out to be His very own, and also his dear mother who has been a mother to me.”(Romans 16:13)

Even a profoundly gifted apostle, who God used in such an extraordinary way; was still in need of some mothering. Mothering can be defined as “act or an instance of treating Mother Sonsomeone with great care and affection.” I started to think about several powerful men who have ‘fallen’ from places of influence and I wonder how many of them thought they were “too old” to need any “spiritual mothering.” Forty-four years ago, my husband and I were BOTH “mothered” by a wonderful woman of God named Mamie Hinch. She profoundly impacted us with her passion for Jesus and her many acts of encouragement to each of us as we struggled to live with intentional, focus on Jesus in a world where apathy was the norm and passion for Jesus was exceptional. Mamie would call us “her children” and she was like Rufus’ mother-showing Ken and I such great care and affection. This “spiritual mother” daily lived the principle in Hebrews 10:24

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”

Like Paul the apostle, Ken and I were “mothered” spiritually by the same woman and her passion for God’s Word, forty-four years later is on display in our lives. Question: Are you a “spiritual mother or father” to someone at this time?

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