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Welcome to the Free Yourself to Love Bible Study website. I am thrilled that you are here, and hope that you have already assembled a group of people who are anticipating their liberation on this incomparable freedom ride. Free yourself to love! Such liberation is only possible through forgiveness.

It is my hope and prayer that the tools of this book, these video clips and study outlines, guided by the Holy Spirit, will help you navigate this liberating message in the Word of God: We are most like Jesus when we forgive!!

Once you have your copies of Free Yourself to Love, (and, of course, your Bibles!!) you will find everything else you need to get on with your study right here on this website. May the LORD bless you beyond your imagination through this process as you join the Freedom March of Forgiveness!

This series of videos that accompany the Bible Study unveil and examine the attitudes that keep one from forgiving freely; attitudes that actually keep a person stuck in their past.  You can learn to be released from the prison of unforgiveness, and Free Yourself to Love!.

The video clips are taken from the DVD, Forgiving The Unforgivable: Becoming A Good Forgiver. It was recorded at a presentation Jackie made on the subject of forgiveness before Free Yourself to Love was written.  Because of this, the material was presented in a different order than was eventually used in the book.

The videos are presented here in sequence to follow the book and workbook . Just follow along with the Bible Study and don’t get confused if it seems the videos are following a different sequence!

***This Bible Study assumes you have a copy of the book Free Yourself to Love: The Liberating Power of Forgiveness. Though you can watch the videos without one, the questions and exercises in the study guide and the study itself require it.

Forgiving is like bringing in a cleanup crew for the damaged landscape in our souls after a relational storm. I am not offering a superficial treatment for mortal heart wounds…I offer all that God has shown me.” —Jackie Kendall

When a close family counselor labeled her family as “one of the top-ten most dysfunctional in America,” Jackie Kendall wasn’t ready to accept as her ultimate fate raising her own dysfunctional family. Jackie knew that even though two of her siblings committed suicide and others adopted self-destructive lifestyles, she could become a healthy and loving woman. Although she did not realize what a profound struggle this would be, she quickly learned that she had to develop a forgiving lifestyle. She found that you simply can’t love freely without developing the habit of forgiving freely.

Jackie Kendall’s book Free Yourself to Love: The Liberating Power of Forgiveness outlines the five most common excuses people use to avoid forgiveness, and she also shares her victory in the struggle to learn this vital life skill. One of the first signs of unforgiveness is counterfeit forgiveness, which includes:

  • Stoic numbness- a rush to forgive without taking the time to feel the trauma and pain.
  • Minimization- overlooking the wrong or minimizing the offense.
  • Psychoanalyzing the offender- explaining away foul behavior with excuses.
  • Holding one’s breath emotionally- putting on a face for others, to cover up hurt feelings.
  • Being an overachiever- trying to control the damage by being highly driven

Jackie wants readers to realize these signs right away in order to prevent a lot of heart ache in the future. Jackie states that “a Christian who does not forgive is an oxymoron,” and that as believers it’s best to model the life of Jesus when it comes to forgiving freely.

“We are called to forgive as our Father forgives: like Father, like son, like daughter…Love is one of the key characteristics a follower of Jesus should display, and forgiveness is a synonym for love,” says Jackie.

By sharing personal stories of not only heartache, but also of love and mercy, Jackie is able to guide readers to analyze their own hearts and see if they have chosen to truly forgive or if heavy resentment lies in the place of it. By labeling forgiveness as an “art form,” Jackie is able to teach readers the art it has taken her so many years to perfect. From learning to categorize offenses to identifying what is keeping you from forgiving, Jackie’s book leaves no rock unturned in the world of authentic forgiveness. Jackie explains that many are held hostage by pain and must identify the offense in order to work through the process of freeing themselves to love.

This book examines in detail the practical skills for learning to respond to unforgiveness. For those tired of being outwitted by the scheme of bitterness and resentment, Free Yourself to Love is the perfect tool to reach the point of loving freely.

Below you will find links to the Free Yourself To Love Bible Study Workbook. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ALL OF THE FILES BELOW.  You have the option to either download the entire Workbook here or to download each section from the individual lesson tabs as you need them for each session of the study.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Installed in your Browser you can read the manuals online (most internet browsers already have this installed) or you may wish to download them.

Once you have downloaded the file, go to your desktop or the file you saved it to and double click the file to open it. These manuals are .PDF files and require Adobe Reader to open. If You need the latest copy of Adobe Reader, you can download it here: Adobe Reader Download.

Download The Entire Free Yourself To Love Bible Study Workbook ( Cover, TOC, Introduction and All 11 chapters – 43 pages 533 kb)

If you wish to download the Study Guide in separate chapters to work through individually, they will be available for download in each appropriate tab below. Here are the links to the Cover, Table of contents and Introduction which you will need to read before starting the study.

Download the Cover, Title Page and Table of Contents

Download the Introduction for Group Leaders, Teachers and Facilitators

***NO VIDEO SEGMENT USED – (See the workbook for the study material for this chapter)

Download Chapter One: Counterfeit Forgiveness

***NO VIDEO SEGMENT USED – (See the workbook for the study material for this chapter)

Download Chapter Two: Held Hostage by Shame

Video 1 (time 5:14)– The Six Common Excuses
For Unforgiveness And The Two Critical Questions…
1.) Who do I Need To Forgive?
2.) What Blessing Can I Pray For This Person?

Download Chapter Three: Authentic Forgiveness

Video 2 (time 6:17) – The Offense Was Too Great

Matthew 18:23-35

Luke 6:28

Download Chapter Four: Held Hostage by the Size of the Offense

Video 3 (time 7:47) – Struggling With Memories Of The Offense

Matthew 18:21, 22

Download Chapter Five: Held Hostage by Assaulting Memories

Video 4 (time 5:04) – Frustrated With Repeated Offense

I Corinthians 13:5

Download Chapter Six: Held Hostage by Repeated Offense

Video 5 (time 10:07) – Want To Make The Person Pay For The Offense

Romans 12:19-21

Job 42:7-10

Download Chapter Seven: Held Hostage by Revenge Fantasies

Video 6 (time 6:26)– Too Angry to Even Consider Forgiving This Person

II Corinthians 2:10

Ephesians 4:26, 27

Amos 1:10, 11

Download Chapter Eight: Held Hostage by the Incubation of Anger

Video 7 (time 5:47)– Stuck Because Offender Didn’t Say “I Am Sorry”.

Luke 23:34

Download Chapter Nine: Forgiveness Toll of Praying Blessings on the Offender

Video 8 (time 7:28) – Anger Aborts Love, But Forgiveness Aborts Anger…

Amos 1:10, 11

Download Chapter Ten: Forgiveness Tool of Exposing Unrealistic Expectations

***NO VIDEO SEGMENT USED – (See the workbook for the study material for this chapter)

Download Chapter Eleven: Forgiveness Tool of Growing Faith

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