Get A Kung Fu Grip on God’s Word

Recently, Ken and I went to dinner with an old friend who we have not seen in 15 years. After catching up on all that has transpired over the years; we begin to discuss our friend’s burden that she feels so distant from God. She admitted lacking the passion she once had. These two “spiritual midwives” knew exactly what had caused these “symptoms!” She had been neglecting her time with God and His Word! The next night, Jackie had a discussion with a dear young friend who is a THEOLOGIAN IN TRAINING and the young friend mentioned sometimes she is a little too busy for her “quiet time with God and His Word.” This brilliant theologian was facing the battle of reading God’s Word for her doctorate degree and neglecting the privilege of reading God’s Word to enhance the relationship she has with Jesus!

Then the very next day I receive this email:

“Today in my One Year Bible one small verse jumped at me today, “Hold on to instruction; don’t let go, guard it, for it is your life.” (Proverbs 4:13) Two words “take hold” of my instruction. Not READ it. Take HOLD is a much more powerful verb (GUARD) it. I think of it in my own language like “get a Kung fu grip on my gripping tightinstructions!!” Oh to GRIP the word of God like our lives depend on it (because they do!). This was a wonderful nugget to my heart today! Love you wild woman, forever grateful that 2+ years ago you told me that the Word of God would be the very thing that would heal my heart. Over 700 days later I am absolutely hooked to Papa’s medicine with a Chuck Norris grip! P.S. I am LOVING my one year bible, more than any other devo format I have used and so are the other 20 gals doing it with me. They don’t know the idea to buy the One Year bible came down from you. I told the group how you are doing it for your grandkids (this year I am personalizing a message each day to Emma Grace) and now TWO of the ladies are marking up their bibles with specific notes for their grandkids. Like a little mini food chain…one feeds the other…shares…feeds another!! Love you. Christina”

After back to back discussions on the critical reality and impact of neglecting our quiet time with Jesus; Ken and I knew we wanted to share this sweet reminder with those we love so much; which is all of you on our team! God forbid that we would be so busy that we neglect the critical “discipline” of time with Jesus in the Word.

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