Greatest Valentine Gift

One Year ago, this month on Valentine’s Day, the Lord blessed the Tucker family (our daughter Jessica’s family) with a precious little girl Mercy Mkwinda from Malawi Africa. So many miracles took place before they went to court to adopt her and so many miracles since that day. One of the most amazing miracles I just have to share with you.

In the fall of 2021, an older woman got a burden to donate money for a scholarship for a child who would be attending the church’s preschool. When she mentioned her burden for a child who would need a scholarship, the administration said, “We have never been asked about a scholarship.” The woman continued to be burdened and she continued to mention her burden to the school staff. They finally decided she can give money and they will mark it for a future request for a scholarship. When did this precious senior saint, give her first check to the school? You guessed correctly; February 2022 the month Mercy was being adopted. When Jessi filled out an application for a scholarship for Mercy in November of this year, the administration had a little “holy fit” over Jessi’s request. This woman had been sending monthly checks for an unknown child who would need a scholarship. This preschool specializes in tiny classes to meet the needs of children who need extra attention—for example a child with English as a second language. This school was recommended to Drew and Jessi but they knew their budget had no margin. What is astounding to me, this woman with the burden for a child needing a scholarship, listened to the HOLY NUDGE before Mercy was even officially adopted. I wept when I heard this story because I have taught for years that the Holy Spirit is nudging us towards certain areas of obedience that leads to ministry and miracles. God is nudging you to be a part of an amazing story! Don’t ignore the holy nudge even when those around you would cause you to doubt the marching orders. GIVE MONEY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP 10 months in advance of the need!!!

“You saw me (MERCY) before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” Psalm 139:16

Ministry Letter:

Thanks Jackie and happy new year! With your permission I’d like to post the story “Eight-Year-Old Reading Adult Books” to our Recovering The Self blog – with a link to your website like before. 🙂 Ernest D.

Loved your newsletter! Tom just printed off your notes 2 reams of paper used! Linda G.

SERIOUSLY, Linda is so madly in love with Jesus and His Word; she probably thought her husband printing 750 pages of notes was a normal response! I am still smiling about her email. She is a Flight Attendant who flies to Israel almost monthly and I can see her taking a big stack of notes with her to read during the long flights!

Jackie’s TNT Still Available, Simply Ask

Because of our fantastic Power to Grow support team, Jackie’s TNT is still available.  My journaling notes based on the One Year Bible (New Living Translation) are yours for the asking. To get a copy of my TNT (Tiny Nuggets of Truth) you simply write me a personal email requesting the notes. When I receive your request for the gift, I will send a zip file containing 12 PDF files, one for each month. You can open and save them to your computer. The zip file will include a letter, that tells the story behind the birth of my TNT journaling notes. Two ways to get this GIFT from Power to Grow Inc: write an email to or Or simply click the graphic below that takes you to my personal email account.

May we listen closely to the Lord’s nudges in 2023, even when it doesn’t make sense to us or others.

In Awe of God’s Sovereign Plan for each of us,

Ken and Jackie Kendall

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