Like Father, Like Son

Ken received a very special Father’s Day gift this year; the news that our son will be a father this year. As I pondered our son finally becoming a father, I cried with joy, knowing that Ben is going to be a great dad. Ben has had the most amazing tutorial in relation to being a great father. Ben has had 3 plus decades of tutoring and here is just a glimpse of the tutorial by his father.

1. Read and prayed with our kids each night at bedtime!Father and Son Trees

Ken even taught MLB players how to do this. Only

requirement: ability to read and a few minutes of time.

2. Double-stuffed Oreos: our family code for a group hug.

Ken did not come from a family of huggers but daily

hugged and said, “I love you”.

3. Ken was a student of our kids.

4. Ken’s favorite hobby was his kids. Ken would pass on an

invitation to golf on Saturdays because he didn’t want to

miss free time with our kids.

5. Ken was always willing to drive the kids and their friends

to activities because he understood that car-pooling was

a great time for Theology lessons.

6. Ken planning game night which included indoor flash

light tag! Ken would even design scavenger hunts for

the kids inside our house.

7. Ken would give up his end of a work day “agenda” to

play in the yard with the kids after a long day at work.

For example, Ken purchased a battery powered super

soaker water gun and would chase the kids screaming

around the yard.

8. Ken embraced the reality that our children deliver the

mission field to our door. He saw their friends as God’s

assignment not just playmates for our kids. Prayerfully

responding to things he often over heard.

9. Ken allowed our children to express their frustrations

with teachers and coaches; listened and then reminded

them to pray for their teachers & coaches.

10. Ken took Ben on several mission trips to help expand

his world view and serve others.

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