Never Too Weak to Lead

In our November letter we mentioned we would be flying to Seattle to be a “spiritual Midwife” to friends who are facing a Goliath opponent. Ken and I went hoping to inspire and encourage a beloved couple who have touched thousands through more than 4 decades of ministry. Our dear friend Norm Evans was the one in need of a “Spiritual Midwife”. The best way to describe Norm besides 40 years of working with Professional Athletes Outreach is to define him as the Billy Graham of professional athletes”. We have never met an athlete who is a greater soul winner than Norm. When the “Perfect Season Miami Dolphins” went to the White House this year, Norm was busy sharing Jesus with the White House by passing out his personal life story card and praying with several.
As Ken and I entered the hospital room where Norm was, we were stunned to see our robust friend, very impaired by a doctor’s mistake in surgery. As our eyes filled with tears, Norm just burst into praise to God for His Grace that flows over him like a wave. Norm never asked “why”. He only asked that God would allow him to be a bold witness to every hospital staffer that came to help him daily. He is so beloved that all the therapists at the Acute Rehab Center fight over the chance to work with Norm. One morning the Lord gave me a scripture for Norm that brilliantly displays the reality that one is never too week to lead.
“So take a new grip with tired hands and strengthen your weak knees. Mark out a straight path for your feet so that those who are weak and lame will not fall but become strong.” – Hebrews 12:12-13
path-to-the-lightAs Ken and I watched Norm share God’s love with everyone that came within 12 inches of him, we were so inspired that even when one is weak, God’s strength can just flow through a weak vessel and make this weak person a great leader for others! How ironic, Ken and I go to Seattle encourage and inspire Norm and he inspires us. We returned knowing that God can use us even when we are weak, tired, discouraged, or very sick. Norm reminded us that our circumstances are never an excuse to not share the love of God and rest in God’s Grace. Please pray often for Norm’s long road of recovery and his dear wife Bobbe as they navigate this difficult journey.
Even the King of Kings, coming in the form of a “weak” infant, profoundly impacted the world then and even this Christmas season. May you and I though “weak” rise up and with a flowing wave of God’s Grace and bless others during this Christmas season and in the New Year!
We are so thankful for years of your support that has allowed Ken and me to be a Spiritual Midwife to thousands of our spiritual siblings.
As this year is approaching its conclusion, please pray about what you can do in relation to keeping Ken and me on this particular Adventure for Jesus that began in August of 1989. We would like it to continue, if the Lord Wills. Your financial gift is so needed at this critical time!
Forever grateful for your support and the privilege to serve even when weak.
Ken & Jackie

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