The Mentoring Mom: 11 Ways to Model Christ for Your Child [Paperback]

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Today’s mom faces the constant challenge of meeting her child’s external needs—health, grooming, academics, sports and other achievements. In the frenzy, she often wishes for the wisdom to know how to best meet her child’s internal needs as well—knowledge of God and spiritual growth. The best way for a mom to mentor her child spiritually is to model Christ in her own life.
Writing from her own experiences, Jackie Kendall, author of the best-selling Lady in Waiting, encourages and inspires mothers to develop their ability to mentor their children, as well as to be mentored themselves by God. Using the concept of stamping the image of Christ on the child’s heart, with the mother as the wet ink pad and the child as the recipient of the imprint, she guides us through her time-tested 11 principles of modeling Christ. Her heart-warming, humorous stories inspire us to shine God’s Word into our child’s heart—and become their #1 role model!



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What lasting impressions are you making on your child’s heart?

As a mom, your daily example leaves a lifetime impression on the hearts of your children. They learn to pray by listening to you. They grow to treasure God’s Word as they see you commit Scripture to heart. They develop a passion for Jesuss because yours is contagious.

Jackie Kendall reveals what she has learned “as a mom who walks with Jesus.” Sharing notes from her journals recounting experiences with her own children,Kendall outlines 11 practical ways that moms can make a Christ-like impression on their children.

“Motherhood is the most blessed, demanding assignment on earth,” Kendall says. But there is only One we are to please. “Is your life totally surrendered to God?” she challenges.

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