Relocation Celebration

For five years Ken and I have been praying for Ann Jones. She is the precious wife of Jeff who Ken served with at World Servants. Ann has been bravely battling cancer for the last 5 years. She has been blogging about her journey and as she faces the last lap (she is under hospice care) she continues to blog and Ken and I have set in front of our computers-weeping at her insight and grace without a shred of bitterness or discontent.

I have written her and thanked her for her profound inspiration as she triumphantly faces her “relocation.” Her husband told us recently that Ann wants her service to be titled: Relocation Celebration. I wish I could cut and paste all the many nuggets we have gleaned from Ann but it would be a novel in length. Recently she sent this one that I felt it had to be shared with those we love-YOU.

The Ticket

By Ann Jones (shortened by JMK)

I know I have a limited amount of time remaining when I will have the mental energy to engage reading. So when I found myself downloading British mysteries to my kindle I wondered if that was really the reading I wanted to do during this time. My wise friend reminded me that I am getting ready for my last trip. I am choosing airport reading! The books I chose are the kind of mind candy mysteries I would take on a trip. How fitting after all.

Corrie Ten Boom was a woman who survived the Nazi camps and shared her experiences around the world. When she was a little girl in pre-World War II Holland, her father would take her by train from Haarlem where they lived, to Amsterdam. She would ask him for the ticket to hold ahead of time, but he would say, “No, I’ll give you the ticket when you need it.” Just as they were getting on the train, her father would hand her the ticket. When we need it, God gives us our “ticket.”

I am waiting for my ticket, my relocation ticket. All the seats are first class and I don’t have any carryon luggage to stow. What a trip it will be. I just need my seat assignment.

My longing to relocate to my new heavenly reality is a growing desire. I know that means leaving behind those I care about for a time. I also know the people I care about would not want to hold me here as I am. Loss to be sure, but a selfless letting go of the one they love to her new heavenly reality. We are learning to live with open hands rather than clenched fists holding onto something we cannot keep. We thank you for continuing to walk this path with us.

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