Shepherd and Shepherdess at Large

jackie and kenWhen I try to explain what Ken and I do, it is often the work of a Pastor and Pastor’s wife but we don’t have the title. However, your faithful support has allowed us the privilege of such ministry since 1989.

Ken was just at the hospital praying with a man whose wife was in surgery for cancer and her parents thanked him for being there for the husband. Ken met with a young father who desperately needs encouragement to persevere in his marriage. Later in the day he is on the phone counseling a man who needs to repent of his selfishness and focus on his family who needs his attention. Then a widower who Ken has encouraged throughout his grief journey, comes to stay with us for encouragement on the one year anniversary of his wife’s relocation to heaven. Ken and I have always had a pastor’s heart; just without the title.

Whether it is late at night or early in the morning, Ken and I are shepherding people all over the U.S. and beyond. After a very full year of ministry to people all over, not just in conferences, but also personal time counseling and encouraging countless people whether on the phone, at Starbucks or homes, and hundreds of emails; I have now a new description of what Ken and I do daily: Shepard and Shepherdess at Large! Here is a glimpse of some of our shepherding privileges:

“My spiritual momma reminded me about Gen 41:52 this morning: “The second son he named Ephraim & said, “it is because God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering.” She reminded me to open my Bible, even if only for five minutes in the bathroom, and pay attention to what I hear in the quiet spaces of my mourning.”

“Thank you for doing what God has called you to do. In a month we will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary and I think that we were getting to be complacent in our marriage. After hearing you speak this weekend at the Hill Country Bible Church Women’s retreat I knew that I had not been honoring my husband like I should have. He was getting my crumbs at the end of the day. Then I went to your website and watched your video about Affair proofing your marriage!!! Let’s just say our marriage has been on FIRE this week! And all because of you just following God and pouring your heart out to His people. I am forever grateful! Thank you! God Bless!”

“What a great weekend! Thank you so much for loving God and His Word like you do and bringing that to us.  You shower us with millions of jewels, invaluable treasures of truth.  I came home, as I know all the women did, with my own personal treasure box of “truth jewels” hand-picked by the Holy Spirit for me.  Thank you for that, for ministering to my soul and the souls of all our women. “(Pastor’s wife)

“I want to thank you very much for your book Lady in Waiting.  It was given to me while in college by a women I didn’t know very well at my parent’s church.  She told me the book changed her relationship with God so deeply that each year she prays asking God for the name of a young women He wants her to give a copy to.  That year it was me and it has shaped my walk with God ever since. “(L.A.)

“Just got two letters from a women’s prison in Texas where two girls wanted me to know that the women’s chaplain is taking the women through Lady in Waiting. They requested their own copies and Your Support allows me the freedom to mail books to prison!”
“Thank you so much for speaking at Hill Country Bible Church Women’s Retreat! It was my first but it was so impactful to my soul! I felt like God knew exactly what I needed to hear! I thank God for you and your husband for continuing to spread the gospel and make it plain as day for the women of today. Bless you!”

“Tonight I get to introduce some of our new ladies to you thru your forgiveness DVD. It is always an impactful time and I am excited to see what Papa will do in my friends! Just wanted you to know I appreciate you and am thankful we can partner together from afar! Love you! ” (Pastor’s Wife)

(Note: Your support allows us to have a website where a young woman can go and watch a Video on Affair Proofing Your Marriage or Listen to a Message on Sexual Abuse Recovery –  your support provided for the renovation and expansion of a ministry through our website.)

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  1. Hi Jackie: This is Ramona Orlandi from First Baptist Church of Pompano Beach. We are looking to host a weekend marriage retreat and would love to consider you and Ken. Is there a video available we can preview of the two of you, possibly at a couples / marriage retreat? We are contemplating going down to the keys. Please advise. Thank you

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