Shout Out from Baseball Hall of Fame

baseball-and-glove-1498516-639x457On January 6th of this year, John Smoltz was notified that he had made it into the Baseball Hall of Fame. John attended a Spring Training Bible Study we taught from 1992 through 2000. God allowed us to mentor John. When I heard the announcement, I wrote him a card and told him congratulations and I am praying that he would give God glory during his acceptance speech. On July 26th At the end of his speech, he mentioned another Hall of Fame, God’s Hall of Fame. He mentioned baseball players that had impacted him spiritually (Including Sid Bream-who was also in that Spring Training Bible study we taught) and then he said, there were those outside the game who reminded him that he was more than a Baseball player and called to shine for Jesus and then he said, “Jackie and Ken Kendall.” Well I was so shocked because that was a long time ago, but the seeds that were planted allowed an impact that has obviously continued and Ken and I got a ‘shout out’ during a Baseball Hall of Fame’ acceptance speech. I burst into tears because I feel like King David,

“who am I , Oh Lord God…that you brought me this far?”(I Chron. 17:16)

Shout Outs Continued:Jsmoltz and JKendall
Nice to hear Hall of Famer John Smoltz thank you and Ken (along w Sid Bream) for your spiritual impact on his life. Well done! (Pastor Doug Randlett)
I clapped & squealed when our Smoltz gave y’all a shout-out for aiding in his spiritual walk during his Hall of Fame speech. (Mindy)
Anyhow, I poked around online and saw they would rebroadcast the Hall of Fame induction. We just got done watching it. Wow oh wow. We both cried when he thanked you by name. To God be the glory!! (Tim & Deb Pico)
You are an influencer, friend, and I was telling Sandy Carter last night how thankful I am for the influence you have had in my life!! I’m so happy John acknowledged the influence you and Ken have had on him, too. Love you and am thankful to be journeying with you!  (Barb Cash)

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