The Jesus Revolution

Jesus RevolutionI knew the movie would be a nostalgic moment for me since as a teenager I lived through this time. I was not prepared for what I saw and experienced emotionally. I cried throughout the whole movie. I lived in California in the 60’s and came to faith in Jesus during the Jesus Movement. My husband (Ken) said after the Movie–“Jackie, you brought the Jesus Revolution to our youth group!” I moved from California to West Palm Beach and walked into Ken’s Bible study. When he saw me, he thought, “What is that…” I had long hair, wire-rimmed glasses, a very short dress and a huge Bible!” (I had the Janis Joplin look and it wasn’t intentional). The Movie ended with a glimpse of Expo 72…which I attended in Dallas, and I started crying again…God’s Amazing Grace…”Happy Tears!” A small glimpse of the happy tears that will flow when I first wake up in heaven. There was a part in the movie when the lead actor portraying Greg Laurie, was standing in the Pacific Ocean anticipating baptism. He was then led in the sinner’s prayer. As he spoke the sinner’s prayer, I began to sob so hard I had to place both my hands over my mouth—to not disturb others. Greg Laurie prayed the very same words that I did on April 15, 1967 and I have never recovered from that moment. I was and always will be a “Jesus Freak!” If you have not seen the Jesus Revolution movie, take a couple hours and go bless your soul.

At first, I thought my emotional response was just because I am OLD, and it was a Walk Down Memory Lane. It was more than my age or my memories. The Jesus Revolution was a movie that displayed the amazing grace that I experienced as a teen and has been the format of my life for 56 years.

One more thing, there is a line repeated in the movie by Greg Laurie and his future wife, “You try to come between me and God, we are done.” I broke up with my first love with a very similar explanation. “I can’t live for Jesus and date you.” I know that sounds harsh, but to a “Jesus Freak” it was a truthful expression. My youthful passion led me to a man worth waiting for that I wrote a best-seller about…My Boaz! I was simply breaking up with a “Bozo guy.”

From Wrestling to Waterfalls

I want to confess that I began this New Year pretty sluggish (had the Influenza A that lasted for weeks). One morning I was confessing to God that I felt so sluggish and I was really wrestling to focus and stay on task. I am profoundly sensitive to the possibility of wasting my limited Day Pass. As I confessed my Wrestling to God, He brought to my mind Naphtali (Gen. 46:24). I totally had forgotten that this Hebrew name means “wrestling.” As I was looking more closely at Naphtali, I found a treasure amid the “wrestling.” In Deut. 33:23 where Jacob gives a special blessing to Naphtali.

“Naphtali is abounding with the favor of the LORD and is full of His blessings…”

Abounding with favor and full of blessings is like an overflowing Waterfall. So in a moment reading these two passages I realized that by God’s Grace I can move from “Wrestling to Waterfalls of Blessings.” Then if that wasn’t enough, I found Gen. 49:21 that describes “Naphtali” as a doe set free. I was now squealing with joy considering that God’s Word had transported me from wrestling to waterfalls to a leaping doe.

On the same day, my writing mentor and dear friend sent me this quote:

Tangled up in purposeless distraction which is such a waste of your limited day pass!

Focus on Your Purpose…

From Wrestling to Waterfalls,

Ken and Jackie Kendall

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