The Kingdom of God and Jr. High Girls

Recently a tragedy was wrapped in profound comfort and compassion through a group of Jr. High girls. When I was notified about the situation, I was so impacted that I wanted to share it with each of you. As I read the following email I kept hearing, “The Kingdom of God and Jr. High Girls.” (The following email is a summary of the tragic event).

“So, we had a real tragedy hit our community the other day when a 13 boy whom we have all known his whole life just collapsed and died on Sunday afternoon. They still don’t know the cause, but are doing an autopsy.

This happened after church in the church parking lot…and the details are quite stunning in themselves…including the little 10 yr. old girl who cradled his head in her lap while a 6 yr. old ran inside to find help. Little Josh died with precious Corina stroking his forehead and talking to him (she didn’t know he was dying).

We and everyone we know around here is connected to this family in 100 ways, and our home-school group of 200 kids have all had his mom as one of their tutors or drama directors and his siblings or him in classes and as friends…it’s a big web. You can imagine the reverberations of shock and grief.

young girl with dandelionI tell you this, Jackie, because a mom told me today that a group of girls who are friends with him and who are studying your book “Waiting for Your Prince” got together Tuesday and, in the midst of their own grief, wrote cards of encouragement to the tutors (moms who teach home school classes) who had him in their classes and to other kids in those classes. The mom said, “You know they thought to do this because of the book!” And I said, “Do you know that is about the MOST Jackie Kendall thing someone could do? Jackie is the Queen of the encouraging card! So there’s nothing more honoring to her teaching than their inclination to do that!” (One of those girls was Kelsey McLernon whom you acknowledge as our tween consultant on the book project, “Waiting for Your Prince”). In the midst of this extraordinary time–not least walking all these kids through this tragedy–this is another shining example of the Love of Jesus being spread as a result of your faithful teaching & wisdom Jacqueline Kendall”.  (Ruthie)

Encouragement is a gift that each one of us can give daily. It doesn’t have to be a written card, it can be a kind remark made over the phone or an uplifting text. May the example of these Jr. High girls be a simple reminder of the wisdom of being encouraging to others.

“…he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”(Prov. 11:25)

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