The Kingdom of God and No Bozo

For more than 22 years I have been guiding God’s girls through difficult waters and your support made it possible. Because of you, I have been able to courageously tell single girls about choosing God’s best and avoiding a Bozo guy. Why is this so significant??? For a girl (young or older) the most significant choice of her life is her Master (Jesus). The second most significant choice is who will be her Mr. This may not seem like insignificant work in the range of Kingdom living but after walking with Jesus for 49 years I have seen the impact on women when they do not wait for God’s best and impatiently run into the arms of a Bozo. I have watched women who were once so useful in the Kingdom of God-sidelined by her relationship with Mr. Wrong. I have watched the fire in a precious woman, young and old, go from a blazing torch to a small little flickering candle because of the wind of a Bozo guy. I have watched too many singles lack the courage to break up with Mr. Wrong and wait for God’s best.

Lonely girl

Because of your support, you have helped these girls have the courage to say No to Mr. Wrong and cling to God for His best which is being fruitful in the kingdom of God. I have written so many letters to single girls, asking them to do the hard work of becoming whole on their own in Jesus and to not waste their singleness running through the forest of life hoping to find their Knight in Shining armor. One of these singles wrote this note to me last night:

Thank you. This is what I needed to hear. I broke it off with him tonight. It hurts so much but I know it’s the right thing. -Carrie

Your support has helped these girls make wise choices:

  • Carrie, Carla, Jennie, Busisiwe (S. Africa)
  • Mia, Mary-Elizabeth, Danielle
  • Kathy, Monica, Mindy
  • Emily, Lauren, Brooke, Sheila
  • Shannon, Kim, Valerie (Kosovo)
  • Tina, Teresa, Nancy
  • Michele, Patricia, Erin (British Columbia)
  • Melissa, Allie, Katrina (Australia)
  • Kristina, Beth, Adelle, Mahilet (Ethiopia)
  • Courtney, Susan, Caroline
  • Rita, Amber, Sherry, Yeoh
  • Liz, Ruth, Katherine and so many others.

(Whether Zimbabwe, Kosovo, Singapore, Philippines, Ethiopia, Indonesia or a 12 year old from Texas; your support has allowed me to mentor/disciple and exhort and endless list of God’s girls)

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