The Kingdom of God at Walgreens

Stairway to heavenRecently Ken and I went to Walgreens the moment it opened in hopes of beating the rush at the pharmacy. We were thrilled to see our favorite pharmacist Amaka who was behind the counter. She was equally excited to see Ken and me. She has been fighting cancer and we have been praying for her. Her manner is always so loving and full of faith in God, never complaining about her struggle with cancer. Early this particular morning we noticed that she looked very thin and we both in concern whispered, “Is your treatment causing you to lose so much weight?” She motioned for us to come to a separate window and she leaned into us and whispered, “My 19 year old son just died.” We were so stunned that tears began to flow from all our eyes. Ken and I both grabbed her hands and started praying over her that moment. Because we came so early, no one was waiting in line, so we could comfort our sweet sister in Jesus right there in Walgreens pharmacy!

While driving home, the Holy Spirit nudged my heart to hurry into our house and print out a devotional I wrote to another momma whose son died. After getting the devotional printed, I ran for my refrigerator freezer where I had a loaf of homemade banana bread ready to give with the words of comfort. I put the goodies in a gift bag and ran back to Walgreens. When Amaka saw me, she smiled so big and I handed her the gift bag and she began to cry and said to the staff watching this God ordained moment-“God is so good to me!”

When I arrived back at the Kendall nest, Ken and I prayed again for Amaka and thanked the Lord for the privilege of being His comforting touch. As we held Amaka’s hands and prayed over her broken momma’s heart, we just knew that we were standing on holy ground at the counter at Walgreens pharmacy! We usually just use the drive through at Walgreens (it would have been hard to comfort from our car on an intercom) but that morning we walked inside and God had such a divine moment waiting for Ken, Amaka and I.

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed by your name, Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done on earth (even Walgreens) as it is in heaven.”
Matthew 6:9,10

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