How to Avoid a Bozo! – A Free Bible Study on Relationships for Women

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***Welcome! Open and close the links below to work through the study step by step.  Each link opens a section where you can watch the next Bible study video segment.

A Free Online Video Study for Single Woman on how to find Mr. Right and How to Avoid a Bozo!

Bestselling author Jackie Kendall believes that when you find the right man, you’ll beHow-to-Avoid-A-Bozo-DVD incredibly glad you didn’t settle for any of the Bozos you met along the way. Drawing on real-life stories that will have women laughing and crying in commiseration, Jackie explains how to avoid common dating pitfalls and How to Avoid a Bozo!

For years we have sold the How to Avoid a Bozo! DVD at speaking engagements and on our website, but now we have decided to put these valuable teachings online for everyone who needs them for FREE!

Filmed almost 10 years apart, these two video teachings on avoiding a bad relationship offer advice on recognizing the ideal man based on Biblical principles from the Book of Ruth. Warm, funny, and most important, practical and proven – Jackie provides counsel that is just what the wise single woman needs to tell the difference between Bozo and Boaz.