Jackie Kendall in the Media

Ken and Jackie Kendall discuss how TRUE compatibility helps makes a marriage work. With Christ all things are possible including a great marriage between people who seem to be total opposites!

Woman’s Conference: Jackie Kendall Session 1

Woman’s Conference: Jackie Kendall Session 2

Jackie Kendall – Forgiveness at Pro Athletes Outreach – Though this video can only be watched on The Pro Atheletes Outreach Vimeo page, it is well worth going their to see! Click on the Vimeo link box below to see Jackie’s teaching on Forgiveness.

Jackie Kendall – Lady In Waiting: Live DVD Curriculum from Loud Life Productions

In relationships, little things make a big difference!

Whether you’re single or married, come learn the surprising secrets of dating, love and marriage this February. Earlier this month, Jackie spoke at Liquid Church in New Jersey and discussed these important issues.

Jackie Kendall sits down with “Voice of Destiny” host, Larry Sparks to talk about “Lady in Waiting” and her completely updated “New Lady in Waiting” 20 years later.

Speaker Jackie is a humorous, motivating, and powerful speaker who has impacted organizations around the nation from major corporations to professional sports teams.

Jackie serves as President of Power to Grow and has been teaching and counseling for more than 30 years. Her teaching practices are hard-hitting, humorous, and healing. With instruction that is full of practical insights and off-the-wall humor, she takes you on a journey that will leave you changed.

Jackie’s most recent book, Free Yourself to Love: The Liberating Power of Forgiveness touches on major challenges that affect both personal lives and corporate organizations. She is also the co-author of the best selling book Lady in Waiting and has published many others. Jackie and her husband Ken have two grown children, Ben and Jessica.

Jackie Kendall from Cross Church on Vimeo.

In our over-sexualized culture, pure has become the new “four letter word.”

So many people try to avoid the Biblical call for purity because they believe purity is a way that God restricts us from enjoying life.

What if purity was actually protection? Not just from disease or pregnancy or making a “bad choice.” What if purity was the secret to fulfilling your destiny and being the woman that God has created you to be?

Join Larry Sparks as he and bestselling author and speaker, Jackie Kendall, talk about the vital link between a lifestyle of purity and women stepping into God’s calling, destiny and identity for their lives.